Monday, May 21, 2007

Plane Tickets!

I'm very excited, I looked again at prices for plane tickets and was very happy to see they are very cheap for our trip to Chicago!

I can't buy them today (have to wait until Thursday, when the next credit card cycle starts...), but we're going to have no trouble getting to the midwest. We'll get two tickets for frequent flier miles, one will be covered (and then some) by the money my Area is offering to Area Council members, so that leaves just one, not-very-expensive plane ticket left to buy. It was even more shocking to see the prices because we're using multi-destination tickets -- flying into Chicago and out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, where we'll be visiting friends at the end of our vacation.

In other good news, I have a few free nights to use at the Hilton, too. We've traveled a lot for work in the last few years, and we get hotel points on every trip. It's time to cash in!

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