Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Welcome to my blog!


I'm Diana, a LLL Leader since 2005 in Cornwall, New York. In addition to my work with La Leche League of Highland Falls, I'm a District Advisor for new York-East's District B-3. My favorite part of being a Leader is taking the helping calls and emails; I'm still not really loving leading I'm fortunate to have a co-Leader who is amazing at that, as well as two fabulous Leader Applicants (almost accredited!).

I have two children; Anna, born in December of 2002 and Simon, born in September of 2004. I'm expecting baby #3 after Thankgiving of this year (on the same day Anna was "due") so right now, morning sickness and the hormonal joys of early pregnancy are high on my list of thinks I think. Also high on that list is the wonder whether Simon will wean during this pregnancy. I tandem nursed Anna and Simon for nearly 2 years and, while I'll do it again if that's what Simon needs, I'm sort of hoping not to have to. Of course, the thought of Simon weaning anytime soon also does not completely appeal to me. I'm very undecided about all of it, so I guess it's good that I'm not the only one with a say in the situation!

I'm very, very excited about the LLLI Conference. It will be my first. I've attended two excellent Area Conferences here in NY-E, as well as a really enriching Leader Development Seminar last July, so I'm already a well-confirmed "conference junkie." The social aspect of the conference is always fun, but since I someday want to work as an IBCLC, I devour as many informational sessions as I can possibly fit into a single conference. I just love to learn about lactation and I never get enough information! I also really enjoy speaking at conferences -- I did a session at the LDS, as well as at my last Area Conference. I've contributed a session for a local lactation consortium, too.

I will write a bit amore about myself in my next blog entry, and I'll tell you about my experience so far preparing for the conference! Please feel free to leave comments, I'd love to know someone's "out there!" :)


C said...

we're out here! -c

Valerie said...


Hi, I'm Valerie, a Leader since 2001 in Texas. I'm going to attend the conference in July -- I would love to meet you there!

This is really so wild, I just had to write it down. The similarities are amazing: My first child is Annabella, born on her due date in March 1999. My second child is Zane, born 10 days late in October 2001. I tandem nursed them for 18 months, and then made an agreement with Annabella about weaning!

My third child was due five years later on Annabella's due date (!) but he was born REALLY late, and his name is Simon. Before Simon was born, I was agonizing about tandem nursing again, and I was also agonizing about weaning Zane at such an early age (when compared to Annabella). But with lots of help from my husband, Zane was weaned, and I had three months off from breastfeeding before Simon was born.

Now I have a nine month old named Griffin, and he will turn one a few days before the conference. I will attend the conference with just Griffin.

Hope your pregnancy nausea resolves soon!

-- Valerie

MacMom said...

Hi, Diana,

I loved reading your first post. I totally understand your ambivalence about tandem nursing. I went through a bit of that myself, with my two, but I am glad I did it. Looking forward to reading more.