Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The 18-hour day

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by all I'll hope to do at the conference, and I'm concerned that I'll miss something huge or forget to go somewhere I'm supposed to be.

Enter the 18-hour day.

My former co-Leader, upon hearing that I'm stressed about the schedule, emailed me a color-coded breakdown of the conference, going from 7:00 a.m. through 10:00 p.m. (which, incidentally, is only 15 hours, yet it's called the 18-hour day). I filled in my sessions and other obligations, and can see more clearly now that, indeed, I will have time to sleep while I'm there.

The sleep thing is pretty important to me. My children, Anna and Simon, start each night off in their own beds, but, even though neither night nurses anymore, both end up in my bed by morning.

I should clarify. Anna and Simon don't just end up in my bed, they end up ON MY PILLOW. Of course, I enjoy and welcome this, but it's been, literally, almost 5 years since I've had more than one good night's sleep in a row. I can fall asleep standing up. My husband, being an incredible LLL Dad, allows me the freedom to nap if our family schedule permits, and encourages me to sleep in after the kids wake up for the day, if I'm not already committed elsewhere. This is how I've managed to survive the years since late 2002.

This conference will mark the first time since giving birth that I'll be alone for 4 consecutive nights, and I'm hoping to sleep soundly and restfully. Now that I've looked at my 18-hour day, I am feeling more confident that this is possible!


J.E. said...

I'd love to see that breakdown (or maybe I should make my own)! It's hard keeping track of everything with the schedule as is. :) Hope you enjoy the conference. I'm looking forward to it myself.


*Diana* said...

Janell, I hope we get a chance to meet there! :)

I'll send you the two schedule templates I have. Actually, I think you may have gotten one today or yesterday from Esme...did you? I'll send you the other one. :)