Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another amazing day!

I can't decide whether to write about yesterday (which was amazing) or today (which I'm quite certain will be amazing). So I'll satrt with yesterday!

I attended some fabulous sessions yesterday, including one on how to critically yet sensitively assess and assist difficult breastfeeding cases. The speaker, Karin Cadwell, emphasized letting the mother tell her story; getting the history and asking the right questions so that the mother can give you as much informtion as possible. By hearing what she has to say about her situation, we not only collect the necessary facts to help her solve her breastfeeding issue, we gain insight into what this issue means in her world, how she feels about breastfeeding, what she's willing or not willing to do, etc.

I ate lunch with strangers (I do this on purpose so that I can meet and hear stories from people I've never met before). It was lovely. I met another mom around my age who's expecting a baby around the same time I am (we were easily identifiable by our ravenous appetites, as well as our baby-bellies), as well as a woman my mother-in-law's age who told me the heartbreaking stories about her daughter-in-law who wanted nothing to do with her mother-in-law's advice when it came to her baby. I found myself relating to the daughter-in-law even though I'd consider it a blessing to have a LLL Leader as the mother of my husband...but I guess we mammas tend to want to be the ones in charge of how to care for our babies. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, but I'm going to try and be mroe sensitive to my mother-in-law's efforts to involve herself in decisions about my children (even though I think she's dead wrong most of the time).

I attended a session on nipple anatomy, presented by Kay Hoover. I sat in the company of many lactation "rock stars" as well as right beside a LLL Board Member, and saw pictures of interesting nipple configurations and learned how/whether those affected breastfeeding. I came away from that session very thankful I didn't have more problems with breastfeeding -- with one flat and one inverted nipple after Anna was born, we had some latch problems, but she spent the next two years preparing my breasts for Simon, who latched on and nursed like a pro from the word "go." I also learned that it's normal and OK for a Montgomery gland to leak milk!

I took a little nap before the World's Faire, and spent the bulk of my time at that event sitting at the New York-East table with my NY-E buddies. A few of us went to grab dinner (at around 11 p.m.) afterwards and it was lots of fun. I always enjoy the company of my NY-E friends! I am proud to report I got terrific gifts for each of my children, my husband, and myself at the World's Faire, and I didn't hurt my wallet too much.

Today is going to be fabulous, too. I started the morning off with Dr. Bob Sears' session on nutrition for kids. While I didn't learn a whole lot that I didn't already know and practice, it was nice to get the affirmation that what my family does nutrition-wise is smart. It can be difficult in regular society to deal with the fact that my kids seem like the only ones who don't eat Goldfish crackers or chicken fingers or fish sticks or fruit roll-ups, instead preferring wheat spaghetti with broccoli and garlic or bulghur wheat with chick peas and tomato sauce.

My next session will deal with the philosophy of advertising and brain development. Again, I expect to be affirmed for my family's choice and practice of not allowing media to invade the lives of my children.

Later, I'll hear about the latest research on jaundice and the breastfed baby. This is a topic dear to my heart, having had two newborns with severe early onset jaundice (ABO incompatibility). I see this as an area I'll help educate other caregivers about in the future, as my personal experience and hopefully, my knowledge, will be cutting edge.

The highlight of my day will likely be sharing lunch with a founder of La Leche League. I'm so excited! New Leaders (with less than 2 years) were invited to sign up for a slot for lunch with a founder and I jumped on it. I can't wait to just bask in the magic of that revolutionary woman!

I'm planning on a short evening nap again today, so that I can spend the later hours socializing with old and new friends.

The line for this computer is pretty long, so I'm going to finish this post now!

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